Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy father days !!

hoho..haapy father days to all fathers in da whole world and of course to my father too.. this time mybe not closely about car only but i want share the stories of history of HCCC club related with Father... for me Father or Dad is hold a lot of responsibility to manage family, find the money and feeding us start we born and until now. sometimes we neglect about our father and more to our mom only...i know and everyone know mother is person we most love and closely in the world..but for those like me as a man i know some day i also will become a father too and will held all the responsibility like my father same do.. actually father is the best persons also in our part in my life because he do everything what we want and our facilities. write about facilities..i and most of my friends Hadi, Sapik and Zakwan starting learns about car since we in little young..everyday dreaming can drive the car...but if u all know where the come cars for us to drive? of course come from our Dad's car.. in the year of 2007-2008 i start to drive my father's car which is proton wira white colors.. that time i very nervous for the first time drive going to school haha..that time Hadi only be my co-pilot he still cant get the license from his dad.. afterward hadi also can drive his father's car..also proton wira putih automatic.. in the same time my father change other new car proton waja automatic also..haha that time i and hadi excited with the cars everyday think about the modification and the car club..from that i and other gengs manage new club which is known as wanted troops... not a longer year we manage and the club is vanish haha..story about sapik..he also start from his family car also mitsubishi lancer green color wahh very oskoll car even u all can meet now..many history with that car which is the car door are come loose and fall at the middle road..clutch cable break off and the exhaust tight with the coil haha....but the car is still powerful the engine still can move..only the body parts are too old..story about zakwan.. he also use his family cars which is mitsubishi galent red color... this car give many contribution to he and all his family. start he in secondary school he already start to drive that car hehe...but not a longer year after he perforce to enter MARITIM in year 2008... sapik enter Politeknik 2009..i and hadi enter form 6 2008... after several years we all meet agains with lot of changes which zakwan drive Proton Wira Aeroback SE red color, Sapik drive Proton Satria silver colors, Hadi drive Proton Saga kebal black color and i drive Proton Waja silver color also..wahh many changing happens to us as because helping with our father.. only dad can help us to achieve the dreams with the hope to help us to facilitate go anywhere.. like me now study at Melaka..i perforce to drive from Johor to continue my study.. until now i still thankful to ALLAH our God because reward us the good, lovely, nicely and cool Dad in part of our life... thank you very much for everything that u have done to us until now.. happy fathers day 2010 ^ ^

green lancer and white wira automatic

wanted troops at air terjun

white wira automatic by hadi

my father cars and sapik's father car

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