Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new machine upcoming

one new machine born in hccc club...hehe this time i make the surprises..firstly i and sapik went to nismo shop i want install new flag number on my car.. hadi and the geng also coming after they bought something at market..i start ask to touke.. "bos amacam ak mau pasang skirting lah" than touke give me the catalog.. i said " tak2 ak nak cam dalam gambar npon ni mcm waja putih nih"
touke said " haiyahh itu sudah bikin punya maa, u nak kene wat bikin sikit lg" i reply " ha yeke touke? xbest lah xde" so disappointed ..and than i see
again the catalog touke give to me..wah this time i see carefully seems
its likely with waja putih skirting.. i call back touke " bos ak nak macam ni punya ada kan " and touke reply of course and than in the same time my budget also increase wahh~ but i m really satisfied with the skirting but only front and side skirting only i install..later i will install the back side skirting

waja putih

back view

front view

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