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our home course is located at Air Terjun pass and another one is Lukut Cina pass which we usually use this routes as our practice to touge. in southern especially in Johor the land is a not mountain typical geometric because in Johor is the end of Banjaran Titiwangsa that's because the place like Genting Highland or Cameron Highland cannot found in Johor.

 in Kota Tinggi the best place we located is in Air Terjun and Lukut Cina. these two way are rarely people use the way deep from town. In Air Terjun is the end road locate far away from the town. Air Terjun is actually resort area which many people spend their time with family to that resort. in day session this road very busy with other vehicle especially holiday. but when night the road is seems clear and silence. mostly opinion from local ppl does not like that road in night because so many sorrow story.

well as that because we take the opportunity to use the road to touge. another place is Lukut Cina. this road also deep from town. people from Lukut, Bandar Tenggara area usually use the primary road to the town.. Lukut Cina road is another alternative road to the town. but Lukut Cina road is rarely people used. the similar thing of these two road is short routes. but can practices for novice touge. our home course is not closed-routes we all are welcome to anybody to coming and try the routes here. we can meet up and share together about the touge and cars.


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