H.C.C.C ?

HCCC is abstract from High Castle Car Club which is we choose from our local area name ( kota tinggi ). High Castle is synonym with Kota Tinggi and that’s why we are calling it as high castle. Before this we all know as wanted troops group that made by my friends at the year of 2008 which is I still at school sit STPM exam. After a several years, we all continue studying and some of them are working, we all meet again in year 2010 and we discuss about the car and the car club. And lastly we all agree to renew the brand of our group name.

Wanted Troops are change into High Castle Car Club which is known as HCCC. Even we all cannot always meet likewise but the activities and flow our group always be planning for future time for make sure the groups are not stopped again like Wanted Troops. Our Home Course is located at road to Air Terjun Kota Tinggi and Lukut Cina road. This two way has little traffic and suitable to be our track for touge and test our driving skill. But in the same time we all always focus to safety and avoid any accidently when we drive through it.

Our group now also cooperation with World Build Car Service workshop at Tebrau Johor which is can services and accessories. The development of our group always be expand for the year and year to ensure the group or club are useful for helping our self and other people go forward to progressive in any achievement.


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