Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introduction Malaysia touge routes

for this segment i will introduce to you all about the touge routes that served as the course by touge enthusiast cruise with their touge machine. since our country have mountain geometric design in surround local places such like Genting Higland, Cameron and other places that you knows, our government have made the road along the mountain with S corner and U corner to less the speed of vehicle through it. touge means mountain pass which it driving by attack all the narrow of every corner along the roads. when you try attack the narrow of every corner you need a lot of driving skills and good touge machine. that's why most of the touge enthusiast loving to touge by many various type of reasons and definition such like self-satisfied, finding their self and just happening.

here the one of famous routes in our country called it as Genting Sempah/Gombak touge-

this routes is famous among the touge enthusiast which they likely this road by attacking many narrow in every corner.. here the video i take it from touge-G.

you can watch they touge in this video clip made by Taka from touge-G. it is surely different with us basically from skill driving and car setup.

okay until here today..surely i will continue the routes more after this. and hope you all can stay follow this blog. ok tyvvm :)

(some sources are taking from touge-G blog and website forum)

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