Saturday, March 5, 2011

Genting Highland Touge Routes-

ladies and gentleman i would like present to you the most famous location in Malaysia which most of the ppl like to spend their free time or holiday trip to this location. the place i mean it is Genting Highland.alright beside the happy holiday trip story it is also keep the underground story too which most of the racer especially touge enthusiast love G.H routes. here the pictures i take from and thanx to Kudut which he is one of Malaysia touge enthusiast. he already mark the way by highlighting red color.

the map above is show the uphill way to the G.H and as you can see in the track map got many of deep corner. this track is really test your car's horse power to climb until to G.H

for this map above is show the downhill track from G.H. refer to Kudut he said the routes was great track but unfortunately the road was accompanied with bumper.

the image above is the one picture taken from numerous photographer which i look and taken also from you could see the hairpins of the road. this is because most the touge racer love this routes.

the video above i taken from touge-G youtube. the video recorded the trip to Genting Highland Downhill. you can see the track details from the video clips.

as the newbie like me, i keep the big expectation to join they to touge with others touge enthusiast through that routes. and as because most of we are still study and certain members already worked we still do not have a chance to for tour for more far from Johor. but in my future plans, after my car finish fixed. the big jam plans tour to Bukit Putus first. for the next touge routes i'll post Bukit Putus touge routes- heaven of the racers

alright until here tyvvm :)

(the sourse of the information taken from and touge-G)

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