Sunday, March 6, 2011

Urgent Calling !

today, 6 march 2011- i call Hadi's phone today with urgent calling. it starting when i opened HCCC-facebook today. what a surprise thing today. before i getting know the truth news today, Hadi try playing hide and seek with me by telling me the new face of his car. what i imagine is the new modification or what.. he said he will post the new face pak itam in facebook. i just waiting it for the moment. but today what surprising me. Hadi was accident at Highway Plus 99.7 Yong Peng-Pagoh. seriously it is shock-while to me after knows the new. i had calling him after i watch the picture post in facebook. from what he telling to me. he had back to Bangi last Thursday. he said, he drive the car about 100 km/h in wet road. he said that day was heavy rains. suddenly, he car is out from his control, the tires not griped to surface and what i know before, his car still did not change the new tires even the tires already bald. so what i conclude the causes of accident is start from the tires. he said, the car is under steer and hit the highway divider. but luckily, he not hit with other vehicle from upcoming vehicle. now, his car at Batu Pahat. It is truly shocking me because, I still remembered my accident case. and now, i receive another accident case too. but the most important is Hadi was totally safe and not get any injured. Alhamdulillah..i really thank to god because the accident is not related any person live. and i hope too his car can fixed. mybe i the last person knows this new because i currently at Malacca and do not know any new from Kota Tinggi. last short message to another members- "do not follow me and Hadi for had accident too- " even we cannot control the thing to happens in future but at least we can control our safety by really give the full focus on driving and increase your self-alert when you on the road or anywhere. we really hope and wish to all our members safely and enjoy ur life as well. ok until here my report -

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