Sunday, March 6, 2011

i found in my junk- Wanted Troop old Video

hye boys and girls..emm i still can't forgetting the Hadi's case. i hopefully wish he always be alright and his car too. alright, actually before i posting the urgent calling report, i on my way to prepare this post. what day i do not surely, Sapik was asking me about the old time video which i, Hadi and Sapik drive our father's car.
haha really dam miss it what a day we with our father's car. all the the progress are began with that well as the wanted troop is created. if wanted troop is not created, i thought HCCC also doesn't create too. i start figure where i put that old videos. in mean time i remembered back which we cruise through Air Terjun Pass..many funny thing happens that day. only we three members just cruise on the day. Sapik bring his Nikkon camera take a lot of pictures to upload in WantedTroop blog.
yeah these thing make me remember back what we have have done, i already created the wanted troop blog..for those remember this sure cynically smile haha.. i still have the link just click here . you can read the older blog which i and others made for wanted troop. seriously, we do not know anything about blogging. just play play around it.. okay i found the videos in my junk hehe i mean junk is in my laptop..surely hard to find the older thing. i keep searching the video in every folder. yeahh at last i found it. when i play back the video so many funny thing i back to remember..haha with someone had be arrested by police because driving without license. i won't mention his name here for keep the privacy but seriously one of the funny but in the panic situations. from this story we learn the moral value we must sure that we got the license first before driving hehe.. okay that's all friend i updating. i got the video and upload into youtube. easily to use back in other post- okay tyvvm :) let's enjoy the video !

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