Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bukit Putus routes -heaven of racer

good day everyone~ well i as the lonely author will post the new topic i said before, Bukit Putus is one of the famous touge routes which most of the racer in blanket drifter and touge'er likely went this course because have a minor traffic there. after government establish the new highway there, the local ppl seem doesn't like use that way anymore. they more prefer to use the highway. therefore, it creates the opportunity for touge enthusiast play around bukit putus without disturbing other road user.

in forum i meet the owner of this homecourse Mr.Amir and we share together our touge experience and opinion. simple person and easy to cooperation. well, in our future plan i have planned to make some touge tour around local places. and as the first location i choosing is Bukit Putus because its more near from Johor. well Mr.Amir is inviting us come and try to his homecourse. we can attack the routes many times we like. thank full to Mr.amir because give us the opportunity too.

this routes also have been used by as the track for the big event. it is the touge event Bukit Putus BallsOut. not even that, this routes also famous among the otai2 drifter such like Tengku Djan Prince of Malaysian Drifter. who do not knows about Tengku Djan.. you will notice him in tv advertisement which person who act in Panadol Active Fast while he play the gokart..he2

you can watch the video bottom which the Bukit Putus have been used as the track and course to make many event related to touge and drift. you can watch properly in video how Bkt.Putus looks like. okay until here my post today. and tyvvm :)

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