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April Midnight Touge Event report-

1st april of 2011 one of the bigger touge event for this year was running organized by Touge-G members. this event was running perfectly and non fatal or mishap. i also participate for this event and i don't want miss for this big event. okay 1st april i bought the ticket from malacca (MC) to seremban (terminal one) and my bus trip start 5.30p.m from malacca. my trip taken to seremban about 1 hour n half. after i arrive there i wait Amir from Senawang to pick up me bring to Gombak. from seremban we start our travel about 8.30 p.m. this is my 1st meet up with Amir. such a nice and simple person. easily to talk and quite joking person haha.. thanx lot to Amir coz willing to let me follow with him to Gombak. we arrive to Gombak sharply 10.00 p.m. we are really according to schedule. hehe.. we arrive to Mamak Bistro and after while Allen arrive here too. than we just chatting while waiting the others coming. one of the Amir's statement " ak paling jauh mesti ak paling awal sampai" haha i think any where or any body must be experienced this too..

alright after a period time then we see one by one others touge'er coming. 1stly we meet Allen, Ayep, Pantera than Jasril also coming at the other side, Chan Yee group arrive too. and almost to 12.30 a.m all the participant arrive and we start to move to starting point at Genting Sempah. i and Amir start to feel boost in our heart.some Adrenaline pushing and we feel so nervous before start running the touge hehe.. because it about 22 car were participating in that night! what are surprising hehe.. we arrive at starting point while waiting the other group arrive too. at this point we all start to knowing each other touge'er. i one of the newbie there and feel a really2 freshman haha.. Taka also arrive and without wasting the time he snap2x the pixta while the others still with their own business. almost 1 a.m if not mistake we start the touge running through Genting Sempah

to Sempah rounder board.. i and Amir lets start our touge just by cruise and let all the other pass him. he plan just to cruise while we discuss about the routes. i use that time as much i can to understand and study the routes. its really quite dark place and so many curve there. after a while we arrive the 1st check point at Sempah rounder board. looks all the buddies already arrive there and waiting me and Amir hehe..rilex bumble busuk u will action at downhill later :D after snap2x pixta session we start touge back to the peak of Awana (Gohtong Jaya) one more time relax bumble busuk..this is not ur field to uphill until to the peak.. and Amir with open heart and minded let they pass him and let we alone at the back haha..

we arrive at Awana almost 2 a.m and we all enter our pit stop at kedai Mamak al-Ehsan if i not mistake. we all start chatting. but we all not seat in one table. there are divide to 4 group which i and Amir in group table.. Ayep, Aiman Taka, Jasril and other 2nd table, Darius and Chan Yee's friend 3rd table and last Pantera and other at 4th table. i and Amir lets spy 2nd table what are they talking about because a lot of loud laughing there haha..hey we also want here it too and let we laughing together haha.. sadly we can't hear anything because the great wall of Mamak there dividing we haha.. some of our friend face some problem with their car..

Ayep his car tires was flat..and other member's car over heat temp.but we still run the program..we stay at Awana until 4 a.m. before that, Chan Yee group start to back by cruising with them through Batang Kali route. and rest we back to End point by through Genting Sempah. after a while we start to heading back. yeahh! now a downhill ! let Bumble Busuk action now.. in heading back..we check point at under Fly over near to bottom of Awana. for this time Amir was leading the group to End point. Man this is A group ( Full throttle) wahhh seriously i never experience this before. my heart almost to stopping in every corner exit. wahh all my part body was "kecut" now i can feel how my friends feeling too when riding with me haha.. in the middle of Sempah Amir was under steer but luckily can control it back.

we are not enough lightning to be a leading. it was dangerous action actually. but i believe man beside me are not easily to down with that limitation. he let Wak Jemi passing him as the leader now. the touge was run clearly but until the one point at exit corner Wak Jemi was under steer and the car was turning 180 degree at the corner. woahh!! seriously its my first time i see clearly in front of me..woahh luckily he and his friend are safe and we heading back. but this time Jasril take over the leading behind him Wak Jemi and I and Amir. we touge back and Wak Jemi show some tail dancing action and he let we passing him.

now Jasril Vs Amir. can't believe it we can follow Jasril hehe.. and suddenly Jasril stop at corner for let we all pass him. woah!! most of the car shout out loudly caused brake emergency haha.. and Amir take over one more time the leading. it almost near to end point..Amir let Myvi behind we pass and let white Myvi leading now.. haha like "acara lari tukar berganti "now.. we touge back with full throttles and suddenly Taka pass we follow up with Wak Jemi and Jasril and now we at 4th place in A group. Taka over pass the Myvi and until we can't see him anything. what a superb driver at Sempah salute u Taka :D hehe.. and at last we arrive the End point.

seriously i more enjoy when Downhill session..i can sense my adrenaline push up my body and that night is a Best night ever i had. thanx too all touge members are join up because can lightning up our touge event. we stay while at bridge starting/ending point at Sempah. they with their own story and i with touge-G members Botak chatting too. come Mr.Khairul Abang Botak we chat together about the touge running that night! after while we all heading back all some of them lepaking at Mamak Bistro, i and Amir straight heading to Seremban back. what a wonderful day touge'ing with they..i m not just heading there zero and back zero..but i bring back experience and friendship with them :)

i and Amir stop while at R&R Seremban.. we rest while there..and discus about the event have some joking and chatting. almost 6.40 a.m we heading back to seremban, but suddenly Amir said "why not we heading to Bukit Putus while?" what!! another bonus for me!! :D haha i feel so so happy... before this i just watching Sempah and Bukit Putus through internet and some pixta but now what daa ~ haha this feeling i dun no how to describe because its too happy haha.. we heading to Bukit Putus , Amir's home course.. he really expert with that routes.

i can see his racing line there and seriously he so awesome and cool touge'ing there.. we stay while at the peak of B.Putus. Amir said there is "Air gunung let we gain some freshing there hehe" i thought only both of we take some fresh mountain water but Bumble Bee also too haha..Amir just cool down the car temperature by pour some mountain water at cooler and wash the tires...
and after that we heading back for Downhill.. damm so fast! i can sense the G-force hehe.. after heading some Special Official Visiting at Bukit Putus Amir send me to Terminal One back..and i take a bus back to Malacca...i arrive to Malacca about 9.10 a.m and seriously is tiring day hehe... thanx for all Touge members because become so friendly with me and i realize by the same interest we can share together instead we can increase our driving skill too. until here my April Midnight Touge Event report :) i still not finish editing the video..later i will post for it ~ alright tyvvm

(some picture taken from Taka Official Picture)

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