Saturday, February 26, 2011

upgrading HCCC brand and quality-

HCCC will be keep on upgrading by improve our structure back instead we will harmonic our club programs such like car club t-shirt, touge-sessions, gathering, convoy and so on programs. we will be rearrange back our structure by state all the rules and list back car club members. we will be more serious after this. hope all the members can give the best commitment. i just can help in coordinate our club but without the commitment by others its be harder to manage our club. we will be using this stage to improve our quality and in the same time we share together the same interest, car-modification and friendship.

actually many of our members still did not know that basically HCCC is based on touge group which i, hadi, sapit and zakwan create wanted troop before upgrading become HCCC. that's why our car club is not to much knowing by community. it will be complication if authorities knows about us and will be harder to touge'ing like wise. but its not limited u all to separate among your friends about club is just be fun if we have a lot of friends that we can share together about car. as long as we can be running free and happy together.

i also already deal to owner of touge-G group by insert their link and pictures in ur right hand side when you open this blog. you also can see link to kansei group, touge-R and konmei institution. you all are free to click and open it. try to find something from there because they also are share a same interest like us. and once again a lot of thanks to Taka, owner of touge-G group because he want insert our car club link into their blog site too. that's why we must be re-brand back our car club for more professional and seriously.

okay until here today and tyvvm for holding ur time to read this post :)

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