Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new experience-

every time we will face a lot of alteration, changing by entry a new thing in surround us..what i want share today is something i experiencing with car professional committee in . about more one week i involve in their community i learn a lot of a new knowledge besides can knowing with other members which come from entire part of our country and they are so professional persons ever i met before this. in that occasion i take a lot change to introduce our local area and our car club. for those who still did not know what is touge u can refer in our HCCC list click here to knowing more close to touge. i like to share to you all about touge even we all born in little car club but by involve this community we can make us develop more in many aspect even in car potential, driving-skills, a new members, and making something new in our life. i admit it that we are not to much chasing a " name " for our car club for all people should know that HCCC is car club, a very famous or what.. but i more chasing and excited to create some strong string among us to become more close and the first thing learn to respect each others, do not ever to show big mouth and over the limit.. for the first i and Hadi made the car club what are we target is to create some underground car club with limited person to know it and very secretly group. but now its a little bit changing in this club when we invite a more friends to join and we are so stress in choosing persons that he or she have a enough good character which respectful with others. like now, everybody which read my post today will experiencing something new too.

okay guys, thanx lot for those read my post.. and if some one of you want knowing more much about touge u can contact me direct and i ll explain it with a basic thing because i also a newbie in this field. oritez until here okay tyvvm :)

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