Sunday, October 10, 2010

touge enthusiast on Malaysia

hello everyone and especially to HCCC-Crew of course.. the new post i posting today is about the world of touge enthusiast.. i wondering the power of initial D anime are so strong until the whole world knowing about touge even it is starting at japan..who never knows about initial D, i guess almost everyone know about it.. today i would like to presents to you all about touge..

touge 峠, tōge is pronounce in japan words and the real meaning is mountain passes.. which we drive through the hill of mountain like wise u watch in initial D.. the true point is, racer are battling and test their driving skill through the S-corner along the way.. even u know thats something ridiculous and insane thing but it is truly happens. everyday the touge racers are increasing even in our local places. in Malaysia, the tougerism are already spread and it is not to publicity.

here the list of touge society in Malaysia which is Kansei, Touge G, Touge R, Touge Cameron, GT (geng turbo) and Starlet EPMC... it is like the underground society.. i already watch the touge start from in 2008, and that time i watch kansei team on u tube.. i surfing their website and i so excited with touge.. i looking their activities at night and it is same with initial D.. in Malaysia, the most popular mountain pass u can view is locate at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Cameron, Genting, Kuala Kelawang, Ulu Yam and other places.

from that, i and other friends are discuss about the touge, the professional touge team are surely have complete tools and complete preparation. we are still at novice levels, and we all don't have all that thing.. even that, our local places are not like mountain type places. the best road we found it at Lukut Cina pass and Air Terjun pass.. this two ways are so dangerous places which people are rarely using this road because lot of S-corners and deeply from town.. our team are likely use this two ways and commonly we like cruise through Lukut Cina pass because it is the same way with Zakwan House..

okay until here about the touge, it is the new thing and nothing wrong if we learn something new..for the racers, test their driving skills are show how far they can go in their ability in driving..and the same time we must focus on our safety.. drive safe-fully for saving our life and our cars hehe.. ok jiak see u all~

(some source of the information and picture are taken from Touge G and Kansei website)

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