Friday, October 8, 2010

the bigger gathering

On 14th September 2010 the bigger gathering have done at Hutan Bandar, Larkin, Johor... almost 10 member are participating and the rest are busy with their activities.. about 5 car are going there. we start assemble at Hadi's house.

and then we start heading to Mobile gas station for fill the fuel. we start to move back and until reach Saujana, we stay for while at Petronas Saujana for waiting hadi and the rest at back. we start again heading to Johor Jaya for taking Akid there. we arrive there at 11 p.m and we stay while for relax. and then we start the trip move to Hutan Bandar for the dinner. we all happy when meets again all the HCCC Crew, and by the way that month is still Hari Raya and we all are celebrated together . after dinner we have photo session at Hutan Bandar parking..all the car are arrange together while the crew are stand at front of cars. so cool when we all can assemble together [sorry for no cars photo sessions coz it is still at hadi, i can't upload now >< ]. after finish the photo session we all towards to Danga Bays for karaoke..but suddenly sapik had back to kota..he has urgent case.
from Hutan Bandar, we towards to Danga and enjoy the karaoke.. we all just have 30 minute only for karaoke there because its already late..without care about that we all agree even the song is cut-off on the middle way haha.. after we all finish the karaoke we towards back to Johor Jaya to send akid.. in the way to akid's house we all try our machine..thats a hot night, the road is clear and there are only our cars on the road hehe... we all arrive to kota about 4 a.m and we all enjoys the gathering...
for the new sem holiday we all plans for more activites.. one of the activities making a new club t-shirt again(renew) this time is official limited for HCCC Crew only.. for the crew in participating in that nights is Hadi, Sapik, Angah, Amirul, sharil, Zakwan (anak cikgu) , Paan zul, Ali, Akids, sahar, Azren and orang rumahnya and also me.. thanks lot to the crew are participating that nights !

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