Thursday, February 17, 2011

surprising news- welcome to the world of touge guys

holla crews :D

hehe...what a surprising me dude.. i want share something worth and honor to our car club..well in this week i just made a updating our blog and share in facebook.. never wonder this.. our car club is been be tracked out by malaysian touge enthusiast groups.. and they invite our club in this arena.. seriously and they said they did not know have southern touge enthusiast too.. in facebook touge chat group is secreted group..later i ll invite u guys.. credit to touge-G and touge-R also others touge clubs accepted me in touge enthusiast !!

southern touge maps-air terjun jalan lombong kota tinggi

guys lets register at free registering.. for those who want really know the touge ahh.. i already made it and post our homecourse air terjun pass hehe..

okay guys lets start supported malaysian touge arena! :)

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