Thursday, February 17, 2011

reporting section-for last year punyer keh3..jgn mrah geng hehee

"batu layar camping reports 2010"
last year in 11/12/2010 we had made camping at batu layar resort about 3 cars and 1 motorbike are participate and total of members going are 14 members.. we start our journey from kota tinggi at 6.30 pm and arrive about 8.30 pm there.. the journey to the location taking more time than expected because on that day is little big jam lorhh.. after we arrive, we rent the camping park for two tent.. in the same time the rest is start to on the bbq..

it is was a wonderful day at there with the star shining above and the wind from bay through us with cool and relax..after we finish done the bbq we start dinner and afterward relax for while..
in that night many funny thing happens well to reunite for all members like this is hard and when meet all together many thing will happens.. i and other members at that night cannot sleep well because do not have enough space to sleep hehe.. at least i can relax on azren's kancil sit for while..
in that morning, the new day by watch the sunrise from the seas and hear the birds sound in the morning feel more fresh and better.. the rest is wake up most of them are round2 to batu karang area while taking pictures and others is fishing.. and me, i take that time to sleep while they round2 that area..yaaa that time the get many space to sleep lorhh hehe...
haaa..sorry the pictures not arranges with time line..i just mix up all the pictures..
about 9 o'clock morning i wake up when they make some noise around me because still sleep while others is active to do many activities.. i wake up and breakfast.. luckily hadi brought ball too the camping so we are not to bored to wait until 12 pm.. we all went to the bay and play soccer.. hey i tell u is more fun than play at field haha..many such funny thing when play ball with them..
after finish play soccer we all start to relax and have a bath at resort toilet..after that we start to clean up the camping park with keep all the rubbish we have made and seal in beg plastic.. after that start to set up back the camping tools into the beg again..
we start back to kota tinggi about 12 o'clock pm..we start the safe journey by together.. but until bandar penawar we all stuck at restaurant bandar penawar.. we all pekene air kelapa tapau besar punyaaa hehe.. very nice..uhhh if remember that moment is make me want go there once again..the best of coconut water ever.. we arrive kota tinggi about 3 pm and i that day is superb tired day lorhh even i do not driving..huhu.. that's all my report :)
akid show love sign~ hahaha
like pirate the kari bean hehe.. HCCC CREW on family day haha
hasil BBQ uhhh sedap sehhh
sebelom belah dari pantai hehe...
sharil tdo keseorangan kt labor hahaha
berkumpul di depan rumah hadi sebelom bergerak..
aik..apasal ada 2 kali gmbar nihh ?? ishh
sesi berkenalan antara kereta2
perjalanan pulang ke halaman kampung masing2

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