Wednesday, June 9, 2010

next step to the glory

the first action was taken by Hadi follow as the club plan which is invite as many possible friends to join our club as the club members and in the same time i also invite other car club in our local area join to combine as the club members in any activities forward time. the car club i mean it is Naughty Crew/Nakal Crew agree to follow us being club members also. we all happily thank to them because agree with us. as the first activities we all discuss to made club t-shirt as the next step to the glory of our car club. after the couple of day we all got the good news that some of our members offers to promote their workshop as the formal workshop to HCCC with agreement order. that shop known as World build Car Service sdn. bhd. located at Tebrau Johor. we all thanks lot to them because support and join us as the part of the club.

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