Monday, July 12, 2010

HCCC tshirt at last release for the longer moment

firstly i want apologize about the inconvenience of the the HCCC t-shirt project coz take a long time to finish it.. it is caused by some technique problem of the factory.. its make me big problem in handle it...the t-shirt is suppose to be complete done in 2 week before i back to Melaka again.. but i front the problem when the factory said they cannot finish the shirt cause our t-shirt design its too complete..they suppose to tell me early and not make we all to waiting for a long time.. unless they tell me 1 week before it..and i can prepare to find another factory to make the t-shirt.. in the short time which in 2 days before i back to Melaka, i perforce to find another factory make a new is first time a face the big problem which short money receiving from the members.. luckily i and hadi discuss together to solve the problem with take out some our pocket money to sure the tshirt can take from the factory.. but i once more time face the prolem with t-shirt because the shirt is suppose have the collar and the color is exchange between HCCC and Naughty.. it is the big problem to explains to all club members..luckily again Hadi help me once more to handle the other that time i still at Melaka..i want back home to Kota Tinggi to solve the problems...but i cancel the plan.. fortunately all the problems is settle by hadi they all can accept the t-shirt problems. actually the t-shirt change to non-collar shirt caused by shirt printing... the technician factory said the shirt u choose cannot be print on they perforce to change another shirt (round neck). but for me i really satisfied with the shirt because it is the best product.. the shirt made by Enzo factory which is same factory with Jking shirt..thank to ALLAH because give me some energy to face this problems..and i once more time to apologize.. next time i ensure no more problems like before this.. and i learn something new in managing.. i hope our Club can go more far with the higher performance..

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