Monday, July 19, 2010

trip to Melaka city of History

last saturday 17 july 2010 one of the member HCCC come visit to Melaka for do some research on his assignment final project. asrul arrive to Melaka about 11 o clock morning at Melaka Central.. I glad to see him at Melaka but unfortunately only by him self and the others members can't coming too because busy with their own works. Hadi now at Bangi Selangor just continue his study at Unikl and Sapik busy with a lot of assignment on his sketch. We starting our trip to go Zoo Melaka at Ayer Keroh by traveling with bus. i and asrul arrive to Zoo about 12 o'clock afternoon and we bought the ticket for enter the the zoo.. ticket for adult about Rm 7.00.. we continue the trip to find "burung botak upeh" . asrul had to do research about that animal for him final project at Politeknik.. Sapik give some message to Asrul to find "burung unta" if found it take the picture. we continue the research and still not found that both animal.. we found many kind of animal..for Asrul he is first time come to Melaka..just brought Sapik's camera we take a lot of pictures in Zoo.. we continue the our walking to whole side of zoo until we found "burung unta" just click the picture Asrul shoot a lot of picture of "burung unta" .. hope Sapik like it..

we continue the trip through the house of bird..we found many kind of birds in that gates.. we still can't find "burung botak" Asrul said he already call the zoo Melaka department for sure the "burung botak" really has.. but the trip already taken about 1 hour and now 1 o clock evening.. after we pass the crocodile gates at last we found the "burung botak" haha... our trip and research for Asrul at last done...

we finish our trip at Zoo Melaka about 2 hours and we go back to MC (Melaka Central) just using Panorama bus.. its taking a lot of money..about rm 5.00 go and back to Zoo.. after we arrive to MC i want back to hostel because take my car.. Asrul still has time at Melaka seem this is the first time he at here he want trip to all around Melaka.. we continue the trip and this time we going to the oldest Masjid in Malaysia which is Masjid Kampung Ulu..we arrive there and visit the masjid..

seems we have time we perform solat Zohor..Asrul still got the time with Sapik's camera to take the picture.. next after we visit the Masjid we continue the trip to Dataran Pahlawan.. in way to the DP (Dataran Pahlawan) i lost the track to DP i enter the Jongker Walk road..i never plan to go there but it is the change for Asrul to see and know one of the most famous place in Melaka..

at last i found the true track to DP.. once again we stuck at the middle of road to find the place to parking car...because that day is saturday many people also come out to that last about 4 0 clock evening we find the place to parking the car.. we continue the trip with lunch sad case because its too late to lunch now... we had join our lunch in DP both we eat Nasi Ayam.. so delicious :D

after we join our lunch we continue the trip to Afamosa after we perform Asar first.. we arrive at there about 5.30 o'clock..Asrul take a lot of many picture there..he so interested with this place and so glad to see him that.. after we had walk around Afamos,

i plan to brought him to Pantai Puteri which the most beutifull bay and place you can find in Melaka.. but Asrul only time until 7 o clock evening he had back to Johor that time.. lastly i conclude to brought him to Masjid Terapung near to Afamosa area.. that is the last trip for Asrul.. anyway we all feel happy and enjoy the day even not enough time..lastly we go to MC again to buy the ticket back Johor.. after i Asrul had the ticket he back to Johor about 7.15 o clock.. our trip taken about nine hours for the whole days and i hope for the next time all the members can join together..

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