Tuesday, November 22, 2011

19 and 20-11-2011 Touge Night Bukit Putus

its suppose to be MTN Night Run at Bukit Putus but due to weather condition is raining around Senawang area the organizer had canceled out the event referring to safety aspect-

in that night about 6 cars was participated which arriving there is Shalie, Amir, Allen Aznal , Shah Erzan and his friends Kudut, Muzaffar Musa, Amir Asraf, Zoul Zharif, Taka San and Alif botak. we all just manage to had some free run without battling car. overall 3 cars was spun out and 2 cars was crushed to the wall. its pretty scary night because we all was ghosting by Mr.Mossy -

thank you to Shalie Touge-R coz willing to bring me to Bukit Putus once again :)

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