Sunday, January 1, 2012

welcome 2012 :)

"every blank page in new book will be filled with new story and festival precisely with a new year"

hello guys :) happy new year to all HCCC member, Touge affiliates and my friends following this blog ~ i wish the best of luck and happiness to you all.

for the whole year of 2011 many activities, event and camping was joined and held by HCCC members. its colorful day together with this mate and other Touge members. i like to sharing a sort of activities done last year.

start with 1st april of 2011 one of big event was held by Taka for the great2 touge run at Genting Sempah near with Genting Highland.. that was my 1st time joined with them..i never wonder its will be the best day for me gathering with professional people there.. that was a 1st line of touge journey for HCCC. we facing a lot of new fresh and professional touge people and its turned our journey into excited thing until today..

in the end of April one of the biggest event BPCC was held at Bukit Putus Touge course. after several month on 25 September 2011 another touge series at Bukit Putus was organized by Wheelspin for open track day. both of this events was done successfully at Bukit Putus. we HCCC not left behind of this event. i tried to compete with every touge event in Malaysia. this is how we show love to touge and our passionate.

end story of Touge :) on 10 until 11 December 2011, Abam Mirul was organized a HCCC Family Day at Tanjung Sepang Johor.. it was a beautiful day, blued sky, greened leaf and breezing wind from beach damm what a good day with them together there.. we had one day and one night in lot 22 chalet in Tjg. Sepang. accidentally in that night was a "Gerhana Bulan" and we all can look clearly from beach. almost all members participated for this event which are Hadi, Wan, Wan Mok, Angah, Ayie , Aqid, Sharil JB, Paan, Azken, Ali Ghafur, Akmal and me (Azrul) . we enjoyed so much with BBQ that night. next day, we all get as much happier together at beach and at pool..we checked out at 2 pm from Tjg.Sepang.. every year tradition we will stayed while at Bandar Penawar for a Big Cup of Coconut there.. here we are the best best Family day ever we had :)

so sorry for late to posting the Family day report :) here we are some of pictures i taken

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