Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nakal Crew~

last month 26/5 we invite some of Nakal Crew follow us with night activities which is cruise through Lukut Cina road and Air Terjun. Azren is the members of Nakal crew which driving Kancil 660. we all happily together cruise in that night with nothing bad happens like previous time. before that we all assemble at side way of Kota Tinggi Bridge and take some pictures as the activities matters. Nakal Crew or known as Naughty Crew is leader by Adde which driving Kancil 850 and their club is open to all vehicle and until now i heard their members almost 20 persons join their clubs.

Naughty Crew
photo shooting at Kota Tinggi bridge
HCCC and Naughty Crew
what the motive is?

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