Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Secret day Sapik

last day 5/6 is the secret day by Sapik, Hadi and Z tell me in secret code which i cannot translate what the purpose thing they want do it. Hadi tell get ready by 3 o'clock p.m he will take me by Black Kereta Kebal. i wait until 5 o'clock p.m and i thought its all only joking by him..i getting angry..but luckily Hadi call me and tell me he at parking of my house..yeahh it make me little happy again to know what the secret is..and than i knew it Sapik also follow with Satria Comel and Z at next sit. okay i just follow the way to the destinations suddenly Hadi realize the Black Kereta Kebal is not kebal more because the tires is leak..we all had go to shell to pump the tires..okay continue the secret, afterward we all arrive at Nismo workshop..wah~ i start to realize what a new thing will be happens next. ohh my god my prediction is exactly because Sapik want install side skirting at Satria Comel hehe... so now i know what ur secret day Sapik. by several minutes Zakwan and Afif came also want know what the big bang secret by them..

black Kereta Kebal

zakwan and afif at front with their car

full skirting install
waiting the touke install the skirting
Satria Comel

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