Friday, April 8, 2011

Bukit Putus 2nd April Run- By Touge-R

Its like a Touge of the year after Midnight April Fool Touge event at G.sempah, another Touge event done at Bukit Putus running by Touge-R leading by Shalie. i m not around when the event at Bukit Putus busy due to my delay assignment. about 12 cars are participate the touge. Amir and Manveen as the local touge'er meet up the other at Petronas near to entry Bukit Putus.

alright since i didn't join up the event..i just take up from touge-R blog for full report :)

Touge-R founder
By Shalie

I managed to run a small touge run at Bukit Putus. I didn’t expect 12cars coming. But it was a nice one. We met up at Petronas near Bukit Putus exit. There were many cars and sorry as I have not much pics and will add more soon from touge-G’s camera. We started with a warm up session of uphill. Man Veen and Amer are the locals. So they are very familiar with the course.

After waiting for all to arrive, we make our move. The runs are continuous downhill and uphill. Since the road is rarely used, we manage to run without any problem. I was very excited as this is my first night event to attack. Like the Japanese scene. We do have people sitting at the hairpin seeing us in action. We hope to have such event in the future to polish our driving skills on the touge. Thank you for the people which attend my not so big event. Touge For Life!

(some information are taken from Takafuji Official pictures and Touge-R blog)

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