Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bukit Putus Charity Challenge- King Of The Hill 2011

hey Ho! another big event in this year will be held at Bukit Putus Negeri Sembilan :)
last year Balls Out event handle by also done at Bukit Putus.

the event will held on 30 april..oh no..i got my final exam! =_=' huh every year i face so many obstacle to join too huhu... but anyway i put some information to you all looking up-

err mr.taka i curi sikit information from ur blog yaa hehe :)

here some information i copy from the page:

"Bukit Putus Charity Challenge is a TIME ATTACK Challenge going uphill/downhill of Bukit Putus, Senawang with 32 turns that demands professional drivers in maneuvering and taking the hills. All skills such as drifting and sharp turns are much needed in finishing the time challenge to the finish line. This, will incorporate a valuable exhibition platform to showcase the many skillful drivers that might want to challenge Bukit Putus, in other means to reduce illegal street racing and promote precision driving methods "

in addition :) this weekend 17 april mr.kudut invite for Bukit Putus cruise and relaxing~ for those who want join can contact me for more information~

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