Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bukit Putus Cruise And Relax Night 17 april

17 april 2011 one of midnight touge lead by Kudut was done at Bukit Putus yesterday. is not a big event just about 5 car was join in one BMW, 2 Kancil one Wira and Waja..but its fresh and so relax that night under moon beam. we meet up at Petronas near to Bukit Putus. i and Hadi with Amir Lala a new fresh man just join up HCCC meet at Plaza Tol Senawang 1st before heading to Petronas.

after we arrive at Petronas, we contact Mr.Amir and just after a while minute he arrive there with Bumble Wangi (he just wash and clean up Bumble hehe) and after while Mr.Kudut arrive and follow up with Mr.Azali.. we stay while since we still contact mr.Manveen asking did he join up too and suddenly Kudut's phone was out of battery and we just heading to peak..

we start our cruise leading by Amir, follow with Kudut , Hadi and Amir Lala, next is me and Azali.. the cruise was run clearly until before 1st hairpin we all just shock out by the TM construction we all thought there is roadblock haha.. after pass the construction everybody switch on their touge button lead by with Amir, Kudut and Me. Amir was on fire tackle all the corner until i and Kudut can't see him hehe.. now just about me and Kudut.. hehe kudut on fire too off-road at the corner until his rear left tires was flying without wing haha..but really fun following he from behind..

we all arrive at peak rest, lepaking and chatting while waiting answer from Manveen. and the same time we still continue "Tolong Scene" at Bukit Putus haha... damm such a most important thing i wanna do at peak hehe... while we try bothering a rider at highway..Pizan and the geng was coming to cheer up our touge midnight..but he just coming while..he not bring too his KE 70.. the midnight become so fun when we try another game "Speed Trap at Bukit Putus" haha... just using camera flash..we take picture for every vehicle pass the highway hahaa...

after Pizan and geng leave us.. i accompany with Hadi and Amir Lala and Azali follow behind cruise downhill and uphill.. opinion from me...waaa not easy as i watching from video before..seriously.. i almost lost the track because confusing every corner.. i think its little bit easy if i follow than lead because need sufficient lightning.. Mr.Azali just follow up behind me until at peak again..

after i and Mr.Azali Amir and Kudut attacking the routes.. Hadi follow too by seat next Amir..2 kancil was on action now hehe.. we at peak just heard the exhaust blasting.. when they arrive at peak i guessing where is kudut..suddenly i saw the lamp switch on haha...Blind Attack huh heheeh...

i try again cruising more..but this time kudut suggest the other side downhill..there is wide corner and routes.. while i , Hadi and Amir Lala through other side we meet up the Terachi haha.. they land-off while and asking to them.. i and other just pass by the way and act like not know other at side way hehe.... we just go straight to BHP station...somebody got pee..

we cruising back to i little bit serious attack the corner..just push 40% only coz using my father's car.. huhu..but in time i study the routes..good maybe next time i can increase to 50 or 60% more..

haa..continue waiting Manveen answer..hehe i think he busy and can't join up together.. then, we all cruising back and lepak at mamak azhaar..if not mistake...once again the downhill attack..we all line up the car before start..huuu suddenly fell little bit nervous haha.. lead by Amir, 2nd place Azali, 3rd Me , 4th Hadi and Amir Lala and lastly Kudut... we start the touge.. the run was clear and fun.. Amir speed up..just a little second i and Azali can't see Bumble Busuk hehe.. and until the foothill we see Amir waiting us hehe.. we just straight to mamak..

we all lepaking at Mamak until 5.oo a.m after watching La Giga Real Madrid Vs Barca.. actually i m not football mann hehe... just watching but... its fun too when watching together and bising2x hehe... we all start heading back split up at Mamak and at Tol Senawang...i lonely heading to Malacca and rest heading to K.L he2.. until here my report :) tyvvm for those coming that night!!

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