Sunday, May 1, 2011

BPCC-king Of the Hill and midnight BBQ n touge camp

hye guys! last 29 april and 30 april 2011 was done touge event of the year which at night of 29 april touge chat group was organized bbQ camping at peak of Bukit Putus..and continue with BPCC competition at the same location. i was attends for the program and its was so enjoyable.

29 april night..i start my trip to Bukit Putus from Malacca with Shalie from touge-R. it was my 1st meet with Mr.Shalie superb cool brader.. hehe..and i meet Angelic Ghost too. we start our trip from Ayer Keroh about 10.30 p.m and arrive there 11.25 p.m . like wise meet up others at Petronas. we meet Amir and Kudut and start climb to peak about 12.10 a.m while waiting bbQ n camp organizer from k.l . at the peak we meet up Traffic crew setup the event. while stay there Pizan also coming with his friend and we stay chit chat while waiting others. about 1.30 a.m we all down to starfresh for shalie marshal briefing. we all join together to know the briefing.

about 2.10 a.m Taka , Abg Krul, Jasril and botak touge-G was arrive and we all start to setup our camping program. we heading to the peak again. while we setup the camping, suddenly coming one white turbo myvi and blowing the BOV there! he truly find big problem there and as the reward Jasril, Shalie and Amir was chasing him downhill Bukit Putus. damm i m not follow but base story from there it was so fun because they still able to caught white myvi and kill he like ant haha.. 3 cars smoking the myvi at B.putus haha..

the camp and bbQ was successful done and the chicken so tasty yeah! congratulation to our chef Abg Krul haha.. it was happy night and i can classified that as the base camp touge and bbQ night hehe..i still able run touge with Kudut, Amir and violet persona Mr.Taka :) yeah so wonderful night touge at Bukit Putus.thank u all hehe~

next morning about 6.45 a.m we all start to prepare and clean up the bbq place.. BPCC organizer also seem start setup the place. the competition was start after organizer finish give speech and surprising Fauzia Latif also coming for support the event. hehe good supporting from artist. i and other was planning coming as the spectator but suddenly we all was involved as BPCC marshal hehe..we was order to check and watch the last point. heyy we all get the Traffic wear ! oh thank full im so happy hehe..

i and Kudut can't stay more longer there..i start leave from Bukit Putus about 2.30 p.m and separate with kudut at Petronas . my report not complete as well. i still don't know the complete result BPCC competition. and my picture report also not enough..wait n try get link from mr.Taka owner touge-G for get some pictures hehe.. and until here my report-

(click here for alternative report from touge-R and click here from touge-G )

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