Friday, May 6, 2011

Touge Video Project 29 & 30 April 2011

hello guys..well last month is like month of touge event which we touge-G, Touge-R was organized many touge event at Genting Sempah and Bukit Putus. and i can say Bukit Putus is the most get hits from touge'er for last month. here the sequences of touge event-
1 april -April Fool Midnight touge
2 april -Touge-R Event
17 april -Cruise and Relax touge organized by Kudut
29 april -BBq and Camping touge
30 april - BPCC- King of The Hill Challenge

here i posted video touge project recorded from 29 & 30 april event- thanx to Kudut and Taka from Touge-G for the videos and pictures :

well i can compile it as the best event touge of the year! April be so hot month of touge event-
ok until here roger n out! :D

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