Thursday, May 26, 2011

HCCC Home Course| Air Terjun Touge Route

25 May 2011 - its just a team meet up at top of Air Terjun after a long time i been stay at Malacca since i study there and yesterday we just made it. i take a opportunity for take some video and picture for introduction our home course.

the team meet up was attended by sapik, hadi , fairuz, angah , shahril and me. just 3 cars only was participated that day. Satria 4G92p Waja 4G18p and Wira.

we just staying there until nightfall while enjoying the cool environment at the top Air Terjun. in the way back home downhill from Air Terjun, we just accompany with scrambles. i just switch up my touge mode for chasing that scrambles.. just made some fun.

okay until here my report- (not much as usual huhu)

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