Thursday, September 29, 2011

wheelspin Bukit Putus Track Day 25th sep. 2011 reports

Azrul's report

- from Malacca 11.05 p.m 24-9-2011

Luckily i one of the HCCC crews was had an opportunity to join up with MTN group (Malaysia Touge Network) at Bukit Putus N9 last week. it was my lucky day too because i allowed to ride on Angelic Ghost by sit beside Shalie from Touge-R . thanks lot to Shalie :)

our journey started and meet up Ajim, Epul and Sharum at middle of freeway to Senawang. we all arrive there sharp 12.00 clock 25-9-2011.

-Bukit Putus 25-9-2011

we all meetup with others Kudut, Allen, Amir, Afdhal, Pijan,and Manveen at Warung near BHP station. after have a tee time everybody ready driving to peak of Bukit Putus. after arrive we all start to prepare a BBQ set. we all had a happy time there. i meet up a lot of new touge'er there and the best moment is i meet up with master Rally En.Rafidi a.k.a Cikgu. Cikgu serve everybody by bringing with Nasi Impit and delicious kuah kacang :) seriously it taste good ! Taka, Jasril, Mizta, Aiman, Hafiz Quarto from Touge-G and others touge'er arrive there too. we all had happy camping time until morning.

-BPTD event show 25-9-2011

the event was run smooth and no injured reporting. but we just inform it two cars was involved in accident but not seriously due to semi-wet surface after heavy raining that morning. over roll the event is super duper most of the participants was satisfied with the track day.

- Journey back to Malacca 25-9-2011

Before we all back home, we just climb up to peak of Bukit Putus for relax and snap some of pictures there. its totally happy day me with them. we just had BBQ time and camping time, not forgetting with Kuliah Subuh too is really perfect time with them. in journey to back home Me and Shalie is same way with Ajim, Epul n Sharum. they had go back to Skudai, JB. we just stay while at Perhentian Jejantas Ayer Keroh for rest. I totally sleep in Shalie's car when heading to Perhentian. i m so sorry cannot hold more the eyes. I m sure Shalie also sleepy too if he drive alone he2 sorry bro~ I and Shalie arrive Malacca at 8.00 p.m safely :)

-Over roll

i really thanx lot to my Touge Members (Touge-R and Touge-G) even we just knowing each others but Touge for friendship is totally in u all heart and i really appreciate it. Thank u very much!

reporting by Azrul
(all pictures are sourced from Malaysia Touge Network, Touge Malaya, Touge-G and Touge-R properties)

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