Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Touge Holiday + Midnight Devil Driver

Last weekend I with Dean, Kechik (and his Family) , Amir, Akmal and Ahcai fulling our weekend with whole day touge'ing at Genting Sempah, KKB , Fraser and Cameron Higland. It was unplanned thing and extraordinary event we had. Thanks lot to Dean and Kechik inviting me for following the event. :)

Saturday early morning 17th March 2012 - Dean start his trip from Pontian with Akmal and Ahcai while Kechik and his family already at Damansara , KL due to his work business. About 3 a.m morning Dean and Akmal pick up me at Malacca. we drop in at R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh for meet Ahcai there. About 5 a.m we arrived at Shell near to Touge Bistro for meet Kechik. we start our trip again to Genting Highland with pass through Genting Sempah touge course. we arrived there about 7 a.m morning and resting at Genting View Apartment. it was tiring day and we all take some nap before start our trip to Fraser Hill.

Saturday afternoon 17th March 2012 - it was a nice day with breezing air and peaceful view from 16th floor of Genting View Apartment. we all woke up with full energy and preparing for next destination to Fraser Hill another Touge course. yeahh Touge Holiday with friends its fun ! we drop by so many places a long to Fraser Hill for take some photoshoot. It was my first time arriving there and it is an amazing places. we pass through Batang Kali , KKB and Fraser Hill routes. about 4 p.m evening we all turn back to Genting Highland for make sure we have enough time before Touge Midnight Devil Driver organized by Dean and Chuck. we all arrived our apartment about 7 p.m and resting for night event. seriously it was fun day with friends touge'ing together without any problems :)

Saturday night 17th March 2012 - we received good and bad news from our members..Ahchai need turn back to Johore immediately in that night due to his study matter. and in the same time, otaiyers Bukit Putus Amir from N.Sembilan agreed to join us for that night event. luckily Ahcai still have time for join us. i accompany Ahcai for Uphill Genting Sempah..about 12 a.m morning we all arrived at meet point Touge Bistro..yeahh rawks baby what a huge community was waiting us before start the event that night ! about 30 or more cars was participated.it was a long time i m not visit there..last time was April Fool Midnight Touge which is done last year. we met a lot of new friends and otaiyers there which Sifu Taka, Jasril, abg Khairul botak, Allen,Kudut, Afdhal, Amir Asraf and others (sorry if forget somebody i know hu2).we start our events by Uphill Genting Sempah.. the tradition which stop by at starting point Genting Sempah bridge arranging the cars before start and ending at Awana Bistro touge. before we start downhill, Kechik and Dean decided for turn back to apartment while Ahcai already heading back to Johore. i and Akmal joined the downhill attack by riding with Amir. Akmal seated at front as the Co-driver. the events was run successfully and we all enjoying so much together a long at Genting Sempah road by have some photoshoot session. we ending our run about 5 a.m morning. Congratulation to organizer and participants for cheer up the event.. Amir decided for resting at apartment and we all heading back and arrived almost 6 a.m morning.. it is really tiring day but we all enjoyed ^^

Sunday morning 18th March 2012 - everyone woke up early morning and have some breakfast before start our next destination. Amir still relaxing and decided heading back to N.Sembilan. but After little conversation with Dean he canceled his plan and agreed to join us to Cameron Highland. unexpected and it must be fun together with friends for Touge Holiday. we never planned to be like this and now we all get ready to heading our next destination Cameron Highland !

Sunday afternoon 18th March 2012 - we start our tour by used highway Ipoh exit to Tapah. i with Amir riding Bumble Busuk while Akmal with Dean and Kechik with his family. we arriving at Tapah about 3 p.m and stop while for lunch. after that we heading to Cameron by used the old road. it was busy road by heavy traffic there. mostly peoples used that road heading to Brinchang. it was my first time arriving there and it was an amazing places. in the middle of our trip suddenly it was a heavy rain before entering Tanah Rata. we start cruising to avoid any accidents. about 5 p.m evening we arriving Brinchang.. what a nice view and breezing air surround it..we used full of our time to enjoyed there.i never wonder that i will arrived Cameron. like a dream haha.. thanks to ALLAH S.W.T willing us heading and arriving there with safely :)

Sunday evening 18th March 2012 - our trip seems to being end at Cameron Highland. we all enjoying so much together at top of Cameron. now we heading back by used Simpang Pulai road. Amir told to me that the road is high speed corner for downhill. its sound dangerous but i m sure it must be fun attacking Simpang Pulai Touge course. Road condition is quite nice with good tarmac and weather its seem cloudy but not raining with little road traffic. Thanks to ALLAH we run the downhill without any mishap or unexpected thing. Amir leading the course by full throttle attacking while Dean and Kechik following behind us. i feel much respect to Dean and Kechik because they able to following and attack the road nicely even they are still new in touge and still new with the road. comparing to my self oh noo i can sense a big gap with them and i thought if i bring the car along with me i would be left behind haha..

Sunday night 18th March 2012 - all day long we have touge'ing together at Cameron and sure it was a tiring day. we start left out from Simpang Pulai and used the Highway heading to Sg. Buloh. we stop by at Kota Damansara for late dinner due to heavy traffic jam at highway to Sg.Buloh. about 2 a.m morning we arriving there. we resting while there before heading back home. our trip ends by stop while at junction exit to Senawang Tol. we have free time before dismiss. we split off by Amir turn to Senawang and the rest heading to Malacca for send me home.. about 4 a.m morning we arrived Malacca.

i never wonder to being a long day with them together happy and enjoying full days for every Touge course around M'sia. for me Touge is not just about a Car and the mountain but it is deeper and harmonized the relationship between the community. and in other word we all like one family no gap no differences between us. we never made the family but we born to be a family :) i feel proud and appreciate to met them because most of touge'er are friendly humble and nicely person.. should be thanks to ALLAH S.W.T for this gathering.. and i m not forget to thanks to Dean , Kechik and Akak also with their cute daughter damm i being missed with them now hehe.. thanks to Amir , Akmal and Ahcai for happening day together. until next hope we can meet again for other touge Holiday ~

(some of picture is taken from MTN and Touge-G)

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