Friday, March 1, 2013

Air Terjun Night Wet Touge Run

On 15th February 2013, it was early morning of Friday. The rain still ain't rest instead it became heavy and more heavy due to the weather. For sure, in that day Cronical Dean and his student Muhammad Haziq was planning to drop their tires on our honorable place, High Castle ( Kota Tinggi ). But i am felt little frustrated. The rain might make our step on fuel pedal slow and super calm. But it doesn't matter. Since the guest was here, i would not make them disappointed.

We were met at Petronas Kota Tinggi at 2.15 morning. I straight away brought them to the top of Air Terjun. The rain is still rained. The road  is wet. The leaf is scattered. Through the conditions we were planning for cruising. Haziq brought his P3-21A (Proton Preve). This machine was owning 138bhp setup with Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) and completed with the latest system of braking Anti Brake-Lock System (ABS). It is really helping in wet road condition. This car was a first model of sedan Proton car come with the turbo inside. Proton Exora also included with turbo inside but  it was classified as MPV car.

On our first try, I manage to keep with him from behind. But due to the differences of our car, I was fall behind with the burst water and the leafs. I am getting shocked. About 5 to 6 cars out of the range that  i have been leaving behind. My car's ABS was not function . I had to manage the brake carefully. We started leaving Air Terjun and went to Lukut Cina. There was another tragedy of Tokong Kari Ngeri. We were almost crushing to the next road near to Buddha Temple. Usually the temple always switch on the light so we could look clearly the exit of the temple and the main road. In that tragedy we were hopping from the exit to the main road. Luckily we could do it with quickly. So after the tragedy we were stop by at Rosmerah (Mamak Stall).

About 2 hours we were take break. As the request from Dean, he wants to take 5 for the night photoshot around Dataran Kota Tinggi. We went to the Dataran and fulfill the request. After been a while, we went to the top of Air Terjun for the last run. The weather was remain same but unfortunately the road condition more worst than before because full with the dead leafs. The usually conversation "we are cruising only okay, do not push hard on the wet road". But differently for this time, I bring some competitiveness spirit. I admit it i was shocking from the first trial infact Haziq was newbie and he was a first timer in Air Terjun road. I lost the awareness. I ll make sure it won't happens again. So what happens next ?? All have been recording in this video :) let's enjoy -

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