Saturday, February 9, 2013

HCCC 3 years lived

Happy new years and Happy Chinese New Years. It was coincidence because the date of this post is a day before CNY. By the way its not too late for me to wish Happy new years to all friends since there are no post recently. About 3 years HCCC was lived and developed. We were enjoying together as one community under same passion which are about cars and mountain pass. That is a prove that Touge was not about a car and road but it unites peoples to become one big family. HCCC also experienced the same thing by knowing a lot of peoples behind the wheels of touge racer.

In this opportunity, i want take apologize because this blog was seen not active recently due to full of my daily works. So, while this blog was hibernated there was lot of activities have done with HCCC crews. In 31st December 2012, Hadi and the gengs picnic at Air Terjun Kota Tinggi. About 8 crews joined the picnic and enjoying the cold mountain river. It has been our last activities in 2012.

The 2013 brought a lot of changing in HCCC. In this year, my precious car was released from workshop after been bad injured in November 2011. The happiness continued when we all could be meet up at the  peak of Air Terjun. That was an our old tradition by meeting and gathering at peak of hill.

In the end of January 2013, I and HCCC crews planned to continue the sequences of Meet Southern Touge'er done in 2012 organized by Pontian crew which are Cronical Dean, Hazrin Sagaskyline, Akmal and Amin. We appreciated they came to our Home Course. So, for making a true we together agreed for traveling to their home course and enjoying picnic together.

In 3rd February 2013, the Meet Southern Touge'er II was successfully done. About 5 cars and 1 Jet Van from Kota Tinggi went to Pontian and met at Gunung Pulai entrance. We all met Pontian Crews that representing 4 cars which are Cronical dean, Hazrin Sagaskyline, Akmal and Amin. In that day, we were enjoying even the weather was heavy rain. We had the photoshot session handled by Hazrin Sagaskyline and Cronical dean. And last but not least,  the Meet Southern Touge'er II video was successfully done. We had the best day with southern touge's family. This events was make us as one big family and it should be continued. Congratulation all.

Next, i will insert pictures and video for the events that was done in last year and this year. For this year, I hope we could manage more events and touge session together, Insya'ALLAH :) gud bye n see ya ~

the Crews Picnic together

Sure up haha 

Congratulation to Mr. Azren and Ms. Anis soon become parents haa ~ 

Love and Peace Air Terjun

Meeting at Kota Tinggi Bridge 

Meet Southern Touge'er II 

Chicken time

Enjoying Picnic at Gunung Pulai

Jet Van by Yassin

Credit to Cronical Dean

Hazrin and his Lovely Family :)

Akmal and his Lovely Family :)

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