Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Malaysia Touge Network : Video Project

It has been long time since my friend Kudut asking me to joined his Touge Video project. finally this month we produced one of new Malaysian Touge real scene in our country. i never been expected it will turn into "superb feedback" from friends and other viewers. got likes hit and video sharing from friends thanx lot dude ! :)  this video was making for introduce Malaysian Touge Culture. we circling on Touge for Friendship and never make this motorsport as decision battle. all the video footage was taken from Touge'er around Malaysia. Thanx to Kansei, Touge-R, Touge-G, Initial A type-RShozuka Red Sun, Southern Touge and others video owner. we proud to be one group and one big family. this is how we do it and how we sharing our passion together. at the end of this video u might see accidents scenes. we purposely adding this scene for reminds that touge was a dangerous motorsport and please drive safely. most of a driver u seen in this video are expert people and has been a long ages with this arena. for the next progress we will produce the same video but for international  version by changing the maps name in English version. okay until next support our Touge Motorsport and enjoy the video ! 

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